The Latest Living Room Update: Our New Article Sofa

Disclaimer: I received a discount from Article on our couch in exchange for this post and posts on my Instagram. However, the content below is an honest review. 

We have loved our updated living room, but we were missing one thing: comfortable couches. We had purchased a set of couches back when we rented our first apartment together, but since we didn't have much money to spend at the time, they weren't exactly high quality. Within a year or two of owning them, the cushions were squished down and you could even feel the frame if you sat in a certain position for awhile. We knew we needed an upgrade badly... but didn't know what we liked. 

Enter Instagram.... thanks to that lovely world of endless design inspo, I discovered Article through some of my favorite 'grammers and bloggers. I browsed their site one day and immediately fell in love with their Timber Sofa in Charme tan leather.  I still remember sitting on our (uncomfortable) couch with Josh and showing him the photo on our computer. It was one of those "babe, look at thiiiiisss..... maybe somedayyyy...." type of conversations where you bring something up to put the bug in your husband's ear but deep down you know you're going to do everything you can to make it happen. 

Well, I'm proud to say I did make it happen, even if it took a few months to get there. Josh agreed that we desperately needed a new couch and ended up approving of the Timber Sofa after my very convincing "sales pitch." I showed him all of the pictures from the website, read a few of the many positive reviews, described the high quality, buttery soft leather and down-filled cushions, midcentury modern style, discussed the quality and price when compared to similar styles from other retailers, and told him about low-interest financing options. I told him it would be an "investment item" that we'll have for years- which I know is true! 

After quite a few double shifts at work (one of the benefits of being a nurse- if you want extra money, just put in a few more hours!), we agreed we were in a good spot to order the couch. It came within 2 weeks of ordering, which was impressive to me. I brought it into the house and assembled it myself (although I could've paid an extra $100 to do this (more info), but if you've learned anything about me by now you know that I'm all about saving money), which all took about an hour. The couch is truly as beautiful in person as it is in the photos on their website

It's low-maintenance (no need for oiling!) and designed to have a worn-in, comfortable, welcoming look. A concern I had when doing research was whether or not it would be pet-friendly since we have a dog and a cat. I emailed the company and the representative was very helpful and assured me that this sofa was one of their most pet-friendly options, due to the high quality of the leather and the overall worn-in look. Sure enough, it has lived up to that. The cushions are removable so they're able to be rotated so they don't get squashed down over time when Dexter lays in the same spot and looks out the window. It's also easy to take them out to get in and clean out the pet hair or popcorn kernels or whatever else falls between the cushions! Percy, our cat, doesn't claw at the leather, unlike our fabric furniture we own. Dexter jumps on and off the couch often and his claws haven't damaged it at all. 

The other major pro is it's size- Josh is 6'3" and is able to fully lay down and stretch out, which he hasn't been able to do before! It's also deep enough for both of us to lay on and snuggle at the same time, which is something we've never been able to do either. Not to mention, it's so incredibly comfortable- it's absolutely perfect for a long Netflix binge! 

I'd highly recommend an Article item- whether it's our couch or a different one, you can't go wrong with your investment. It has been the finishing touch on our living room that we desperately needed and we couldn't be happier! 

Do yourselves a favor and shop our couch or others on their website