Spare Bedroom-turned-En Suite

Our home was listed as having 1 and 3/4 bathrooms- that was a major stretch. We have a main bathroom with a bathtub/shower combo, and then a "bathroom" in the basement that we call the "Alcatraz bathroom" (literally a toilet and wall-mounted sink with a cement shower base frame) next to the HVAC. We ended up ripping out that toilet when we had to replace the plumbing (keep reading- I'll explain!) and will eventually be demolishing and building a completely new bathroom down there. The upstairs main bathroom with also get a complete makeover, as it is currently painted blue and has tile resembling that of a 1960's high school bathroom. 

We knew that in order for our home to be fully functional, we needed a private master bath in addition to the main bath upstairs. We demolished a wall between the two upstairs bedrooms to create a large master suite with a walk-through closet and 3/4 bath. Check out my master closet post for more details on that process! 

Once again, we discovered that it's a lot more work to turn a bedroom into a bathroom than it looks on TV. We had to run new plumbing supply lines and drains for the new double vanity, toilet, and shower. Josh didn't feel comfortable doing the drains due to such strict plumbing code laws, so we did hire that out, which was very expensive but worth it. We ended up finding out that our main drain stack was leaking and needed to be replaced, along with the drains for the existing upstairs bath. We also discovered that the majority of our galvanized water supply lines were rusted out and filled with God-knows-what-kind-of-disgusting-goop. Josh ended up replacing all of the water lines in our entire home- so we now have a clean water supply everywhere. This was a lot easier said than done; it took about a month for the entire process of demo, replacing everything, and inspection.

Plumbing framed in

We also had to run new electrical for the bathroom. I love the look of sconce lighting so Josh installed electrical for two sconce lights above the vanity and mirrors and also wired in an overhead light/fan combo for above the shower. I found a pair of modern sconce lights at West Elm that I loved and got them on sale for a steal. The shower light/fan is from Amazon and was also a great deal. After the initial inspection, we had to make some changes to the wiring, but passed the second inspection without issue! 

Josh framed the shower pan using 2x4's stacked together and screwing them into the floor. We also had to rip out the sheetrock on the exterior wall in order to replace it with fiber cement board for the shower wall. Josh watched quite a few Youtube videos before feeling confident enough to install the shower liner and lay the concrete base. After that was complete, he installed fiber cement board on the floors for tile. We had the shower pan inspected which was a relatively simple process. We now have all walls installed and are going to paint a layer of Redgard waterproofing membrane on the walls around the shower prior to tiling. Hopefully we'll be painting and tiling in the next week!  

Bathroom Mood board

My bathroom design incorporates a few of my favorite design elements: white, wood, black, metallics, and glass. I chose a 10" black hexagon tile for the floors, a smaller 2" black hexagon tile for the shower base, and a 8 x 24" faux-marble tile for the walls. All of the images below were found on Pinterest or Instagram and served as inspiration behind my design! 

Like just about anybody, I love a good bargain and did a lot of shopping to find the best deals for our bathroom. We found a floating vanity that we loved at a discount home outlet store. It has a tiny scratch on one of the handles so it was over half off the original price. I think it was originally sold at Home Depot. We also found the perfect size frameless glass enclosure from someone on Craigslist- valued at over $900 and we paid less than half of that! Our shower faucet combo was a find from Amazon. 

I plan on doing a floating shelf in the space above our toilet with baskets of supplies and plants and some kind of artwork above it. We also plan on building a narrow linen closet in the area between our floating vanity and the wall. Our vanity is 58" wide and the room itself is 78" so we have enough room to do a 15" wide linen closet. I'm imagining a cabinet on the bottom with probably 3-4 shelves above- see below for a couple of pictures I'm using for inspiration! 

Our goal is to have it finished by the end of November. The biggest thing we've learned is that NOTHING is able to be officially timed out because when you're doing a DIY project, life just tends to get in the way sometimes (and sometimes you just need to take a step back from doing projects). But we'd love to have both the master bathroom and closet finished before winter- I'll keep you updated! Thanks for following along!