As you've seen on the blog, a lot of work goes into the design, renovation process, and decorating of our home. I've spent countless hours shopping for our home to find pieces that fit our home's aesthetic in a cost-friendly manner. Throughout the process of renovating, we have found many products that we love, whether they be tools, furniture, light fixtures, decor, or other items. Just like you all, I always love finding high-quality products at a low price. However, renovating and decorating an entire house is simply not cheap. I want to be transparent with you all about the cost of renovating, decorating, and the products we use in these processes, along with any products I get at a discounted rate or profits I may make from sharing things with you all. 

Partnerships, Collaborations, and Sponsorships

As much as I love writing and blogging about the process of our renovation, the simple truth is that I wouldn't be able to spend as much time on it as I do if I wasn't compensated in some way for it. Occasionally, if I find something I really love and/or we've used often and approve of, I will contact the company and ask if they'd like to partner in some way. Other times, companies will contact me and ask to collaborate. By doing this, I may receive a product at a discounted or entirely free rate, and the company may pay me in exchange for blog post(s) and/or post(s) on my social media accounts. I will share the product's information on my blog and/or social media accounts and go into detail about why we love it. In order to stay true to myself (and to you all!), I will only partner with and promote companies and products that I would personally feel comfortable investing in; I won't waste my or your time with something that isn't of the value or quality I'd approve of. 

Affiliate Relationships

Another way that I am able to afford my time spent blogging is via affiliate relationships. I have a number of affiliate relationships with companies. This means that if I share a link to a product or have an advertisement on my page and you click on it and buy something, I'l receive a commission. The company is not directly sponsoring me, nor did they contact me to share the item, nor do I represent the company. A few of these companies require that I share their direct affiliate statement with you, so here they are: 

Amazon: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

I share all of this with you in an effort to not only be open and truthful with you, as I always aim to be, but to comply with FTC requirements. There are no consequences to you for clicking on an ad or link, other than perhaps getting a great deal on something or buying something that comes highly recommended! By having affiliate relationships and collaborating with companies, Josh and I are able to spend more time and money on projects- which in turn brings more inspirational content and tips for you! 

We're Not Pros (Yet)

The final thing I have to add, however obvious it may seem, is that we are not professionals and any advice we provide is not to be replaced by professional advice. We've learned an incredible amount throughout the course of our renovation, and the things we're sharing with you have worked for us and our home, but every home and everyone's skill level is different. Before taking on a big project, it's at your discretion to determine the level of skill required, and whether or not you think you can handle it. We taught ourselves to create a shower base, and I'm sure you can too, but we're not responsible for the leaks if you mess it up, ya know? Just had to make sure we're on the same page here! 

If you have any questions about anything you've read, or if you're a business and would like to inquire about a collaboration, I'd love an email from you! I'm happy to discuss more. Thank you so much for being here- we appreciate every single one of you!