From 50's to Fabulous: Inspiration for our Main Floor Bathroom Remodel

Our main floor bathroom currently resembles a 1950's high school bathroom- tan mosaic tile on the floors with square ivory and tan speckled tile on the walls. The previous owners also thought it would be a great idea to go bold with the paint and chose a "color-crayon-blue" for the walls AND ceiling. Excellent choices, bravo. (heavy sarcasm)

I might be a little crazy for starting to plan out our next bathroom remodel before the current one is even finished. Buuuuut the amount of excitement I feel when I look at "before and afters" on Pinterest is kinda sad- so here we are, browsing Pinterest when I definitely should be doing something else (like sanding the walls in our master bath). 

Despite all the work that we've put into this house, we know it's not going to be our "forever home," so we have to think about resale with this bathroom (as we do with the rest of our home). Additionally, our home isn't exactly gigantic, so I have to think about storage and function. This bathroom will not only be the main bathroom for guests and ourselves, since it's right off of our living room, but it will also serve as a child(ren?)'s bathroom someday. 

With all of that in mind, I'm thinking of designs that are going to be durable yet stylish, classy yet kid-friendly, and have as much storage as we can squeeze out of the small space. The general layout will remain similar: the tub/shower combo won't change, nor will the location of the toilet or vanity. However, we plan on removing the Moroccan-style archway to open up the room, and knock out the existing linen closet to make room for a larger vanity. We will add a new linen closet to the left of the shower using space from the existing hall closet. 

I'm all about multi-function design in our home and love using neutral colors as the base for a room and then adding color in through accessories and decor. My design for this room is no different (and is actually pretty similar to the master bath design)- as of right now, I'm thinking about white wall tile with charcoal grout, black penny tile with charcoal grout, a light gray or white paint on the walls, and either a gray or wood vanity. The vanity will have plenty of storage and I'll also include a shelf or two above the toilet for additional storage, along with the entire linen closet we'll do. I'd also love to have two niches in the shower for storing bath supplies. 

Below are some bathrooms that I adore- I love choosing bits and pieces from a photo as inspiration for our home. 

Which of these photos is your favorite? Do you have any "must-haves" in a bathroom? Comment below and let me know!