10 Inspirational Patios that will Motivate You to Makeover Your Own

We're nearing the finish on our bathroom remodel, which means that it's time to start thinking about the next project: the exterior of our home!!! I have been dreaming of remodeling our back patio from day one of living in this house. It's a huge space and has lots of potential, but will take a lot of hard work to transform. 

If you've learned anything about me from following along on Instagram, Pinterest, or here on the blog, it's that I absolutely love wood accents. Every single room in our home has some type of wood accent, whether it be a shelf, a decor item, or furniture. I think wood is just so naturally beautiful and brings such character and warmth to a space. 

We haven't finalized plans for our patio yet, but we know we want to build a tall wood privacy fence (right now there are some ugly bushes and a chain-link fence separating our house from our neighbor's). We'd also love to add a pergola if money allows, and I'm debating built-in seating vs couch & chair-style seating. We have enough room to do a conversation/lounge area, dining table, and a fire pit circle- now it's just a matter of nailing down the exact design!

The following photos have been major inspiration for me for the patio- you'll probably notice some trends as you scroll through (lighting, wood, neutrals, comfy seating!)- I hope they bring you some inspiration as well!! 

1 | Room For Tuesday 

This patio is a stunner! Between the cafe lights, the pergola, and the seating, I can't decide what I love more. I especially love how they beefed up the pergola a bit by adding some extra beams and supports. I would love to sit on that comfy couch with a glass of wine under the lights at night!

2 | Chris Loves Julia

Before I really knew what I was getting into in the Instagram world, I followed Chris Loves Julia for one reason alone- their patio. This popped up on my feed and it was love at first sight! The photo below doesn't include the fireplace they also built- you'll have to go check out the post for yourselves. This space is perfection- but then again, what else would you expect from them??

3 | Kindred Vintage

This space gives me all the warm fuzzies. Between the lighting, the textiles, and the privacy fences, it just feels like such a cozy area. I love that they still have rocks as a floor in here- it's something different than pavers and I appreciate that! 


4 | The Every Girl 

I wish I knew who this image belonged to, because I'd probably want to go stalk their blog and try and be their best friend. I am in love with the natural elements mixed with the crisp, modern features like the lanterns and table. This bench seating is a big inspiration for what I'd love to do in our backyard. You can tell it's not a huge space, but they packed some major wow factor in here! 

5 | Garrison Street Design Studio  

This is my friend Lisa's recent remodel of their back patio that they did for the Spring One Room Challenge. Can you believe that they built those couches?! They also built a matching dining table- all modeled after similar styles from Restoration Hardware! Once again, the warmth of the lighting, the wood tones, and the textiles= magical backyard perfection! 

6 | Pinterest (Source unknown)

Here's another built-in bench area that I adore. This is a bit more advanced, with the bushes behind it and all, but I love the general style of this bench! You sure could host some great dinner parties out here!

7 | thekitchn.com

Once again- built-in benches and cafe lights FTW! This privacy wall and pergola is along the lines of what we'd like to do, as well. I love that they were space-conscious here and used the bench seating as part of the dining table seating. 

8 | Domino via Pinterest

Although I'm not exactly sure what's going on with the fencing here, I know that I love the rest of this patio- their use of space is awesome, with the L-shaped couch and dining table with bench seating. This looks like a great spot to enjoy a BBQ meal and then lounge on the couches with a cold drink! 

9 | Source Unknown via The White Buffalo Styling Co

This is rustic modern dining table perfection, if you ask me! I love the modern chairs contrasted with the rustic wood table. And this tablescape... I mean, I'm not sure who they were having over for dinner, but I'm pretty sure I've been to weddings that didn't have tablescapes this beautiful! 

10 | Source Unknown via Jaymee Srp 

This image makes my heart flutter. If only Minnesota was warm year-round so we could have banana plants and gorgeous ivy like that. What I especially love about this is how they mixed super cheap and rustic elements like wood logs and pallets with more expensive and modern furniture and planters. The cafe lights are the cherry on top, of course...

I'm pretty sure I could go on for days- this is enough inspo to get me started though! How about you- what are your "must have" elements of a perfect patio??